Awesome Commencement Speech Dayton Police Academy Class #103

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“The essential point to be made here is that as a law enforcement officer, you will — at some time or time and time again — be called upon to do the unthinkable. Though you probably will never believe so or perceive yourselves in such a light, you will be heroes in your own right and be called upon to perform deeds that few will ever understand, appreciate, or ever be able to perform themselves. You have entered an elite class of humanity to which few are called. ”

Read the entire article from Kathy Platoni, Psy.D., DAAPM. FAIS
PoliceOne Special Contributor

“Be the kind of law enforcement officer who is available to aid and to validate — not to malign, not to judge, but to listen with the third ear. Turning to one another with a caring heart will surely sustain the life force for those assigned with the guardianship of public safety. And just as vital is the fact that most law enforcement officers will remember, long past the conclusion of any traumatic event, and there will be numerous of them, the conduct of every member of their chain of command, their squad, their team, their POD, and their precinct in the face of human tragedy, who called, who cared, who showed up. Everyone’s day to be on the giving and receiving end of this will come. Decide now where you will be standing.”

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